Last Minute Weight Loss

Ok we all want FAST weight Loss


Sometimes you have a special event 4-8 weeks away

It’s time, time to eat right and workout

But then one thing after another comes up and before you know it your plan is foiled

Your special event is in a week and that cute dress is no closer to fitting perfectly.

No, no, no my dress cannot look like I am a stringed together roast.


If only I ate right I would be perfect by now.

So what do you do?

Well I would be lying if I said you could lose 10kg (22 pounds) in a week

I would love to have that solution but since comic book and extra terrestrial powers are yet to be found I don’t think I can offer that yet….

WOW imagine If I had a potion that meant you could lose 10kg (22 pounds) in a week.

I would be more famous then US President Obama, the Dalai Lama and Oprah Winfrey all put together.


So since we are all human lets explore actual instant fixes available to us all.


1.      Fake it with a good spray tan

– If you have some muscle definition you will instantly look leaner – why does every competitive body builder look like they have spent the last 12 hours in the rotisserie? Because it really amplifies muscle definition and the more muscle definition someone has the leaner they look.


2.      Moisturise your skin just before going out


– A well moisturised body will look so sexy and fresh esp. after a spray tan – just remove all body hair  – hairy arms and legs are not a good look – shave, wax whatever – REMOVE..


3.      Do not wear what’s in fashion

– wear what suits your body – you can always wear something that’s key in fashion like shoes, jackets, hair, makeup – but if you have a muffin top you do not need to not put it on show – save that time for when you have lost it and have a super flat tummy. There are always dresses and pants that suit all figures types in fashion.


4.      If you’re feeling frumpy and there’s no time to lose the excess weight

– get your hair and makeup professionally done – nothing makes you feel more in shape then a makeover. This will give you unstoppable confidence.

5.      Do a super hardcore weight training session


– (see for free workouts) and when you get dressed for the town wear high heels – the weights session will get every muscle in you body pumped and feeling tight and the heels will give you instant sex appeal as you will feel so good from doing a decent training session – the combination of a pumped tight body and uber confidence is priceless