Does Fruit make you Fat?

I am often asked Does Fruit Make you Fat?


The answer is >>>

NO – fruit does NOT make you FAT

Fruit is a good source of fibre and fibre makes you full.

you need to be aiming for 25 –30 grams of fibre per day

1 medium banana and 5 medium strawberries will give you 5 grams of fibre

If your diet is quite low in sugar and you exercise regularly the natural fruit sugar will not matter – It will give you the energy to get through your day and complete a good work out without making you fat.

I love fruit first thing in the morning with my oats


Oats with strawberries, Kiwi Fruit and banana is awesome

Or even better fruit salad on Slimdown Pancakes – you can find my recipe in this post

Eating fruit and gaining weight is a misconception

I often tell clients to think about this scenario:

You are stranded on a deserted island for 6 weeks and the ONLY food source was fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts and fresh water…

so imagine for 6 weeks you ate 5 meals of only eating fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts as your only food source

do you think after 6 weeks of just eating fruit and drinking water you would

Gain weight
Stay the same
Drop weight and Look AMAZING

I guarantee you would drop weight super fast

So how much fruit should you eat?

I usually say about 2-3 pieces per day –

BUT if you are working out a lot and quite active then it would be OK to have up to 5 serves per day.


Fruit does not make you fat

If everyone in the world was a fruitarian and lived only on fruit do you think we would have a major obesity problem…


We all know what causes fat – highly processed, added sugar, added fat foods and OVER consumption along with lack of the right type of exercise



I remember watching a weight loss segment on Oprah, and she said “oh I worked out why I am not losing weight and its because I snack on grapes when I am at the TV studio”

Yeah right

She forgot to mention the Fried chicken, mash potatoes and rest of the heavy fat laden calorie foods she loves and induldges in..


The other thing with fruit being so high in fibre is that it is easy for your body to digest meaning it breaks down quickly and leaves your system fast helping rid your body of toxins at the same time.

This is very good news if your goal is to have a Flat Tummy



The best type of fruit to eat is ANY

Any fruit that is in season and that you enjoy –


I try not to get into the “he said” she said” minutia of this fruit is better then this

At the end of the day you may save 1 grm of naturally occurring sugar if you dont eat this or that but that 1 gram is not the difference between a muffin top and ripped abs.

As long as your diet is clean and made up of natural ingredients then you do not need to worry about which fruit you should choose.


Some other Great ways to enjoy Fruit

Frozen bananas ROCK – great for ice cream lovers


In a smoothie with some with Slimdown Smoothie Mix and your fav milk (dairy or non dairy)- is a complete meal on the run or post workout meal

In a dinner salad – my favourite is fresh figs with roast vegetables and salad mixed – YUM

Make yummy frozen yoghurt with your favourite fruit

Summery icy poles

In a daiquiri – did I shock you – ha ha  – (Strawberry daiquris are heaven BUT not all the time – maybe for a very special occassion)

So Enjoy your fruit, following the above guidelines fruit wont make you Fat.