Why My Diet and Workouts Were Making Me Fat

Today I am sharing how dieting and working out can actually make you more out of shape…

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Okay, here is where we finished yesterday…

I had my biggest breakdown when I got back photos from my holiday.

It was one of those moments where you get the photos back and you look at them, and you’re just like – “Oh my god, is that me?”

I had more fat, more cellulite, my clothes were too tight and I even looked OLDER than my age.

I started crying.

“Why can’t I have the body I want? It’s so unfair.”

“I’m trying so hard.”

I just didn’t know what more I could do.

All my dieting and all of my workouts had actually made me more out of shape.

I just had to calm myself down, pull up my big-girl pants and just go – “You know what?

I’m a smart girl.

I’ve got to work this out.”


And then it dawned on me…

Every single thing I had tried was adding stress to my body.

  • Starving myself followed by blowouts,
  • Restrictive diets,
  • Eating “fake” diet foods,
  • Skipping meals,
  • Emotional eating,
  • Exhausting workouts

My body was so stressed it was in a state of shock. 

No wonder my body wasn’t changing.

When you have tried so many things and your body is just messed up- I call it stress mode.

What if all those magazines, so called fitness gurus, all those programs that have been put together by people who have never been overweight…

What if they were wrong?

What if the solution to getting into shape wasn’t “starve yourself and exercise like crazy”? 

I made it my mission to find out what would really change my body.

  • What if I could work with my body to make it change?
  • To nourish my body through eating heaps of food.
  • To eat often so I was never hungry.
  • To workout in a way that gave me strength and energy.

It took some time to work it out…but when I did…

Do you know what?

Instead of working against my body..

Working with my body actually worked… 

My body finally changed, and it changed quickly…

I am pretty embarrassed to show my before photos, but here they are…

This is me now

As well as totally changing my body…

  • wasn’t hungry
  • didn’t have cravings
    and even better
  • My energy levels skyrocketed
  • My self confidence soared…

I  just felt alive 

When you work with your body to make it respond- I call it Response Mode.

You and your body are in harmony.

It just feels right.

When you are in Response Mode,

Cravings are gone, you are not hungry, you have energy and best of all your body changes so fast.

When your body is stressed and messed up the only way to make it change is to get your body into Response Mode.

And when you are in Response Mode it’s not hard to stay there…

My body has now been in Response Mode for 15 years.

My friends couldn’t believe the change that happened to my body…straight away they started asking me for help.

I started sharing what I had discovered with my friends and it worked for them too.

It felt GREAT being able to help other women who were struggling with their weight just like I had been.

Soon I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

My mission is to help other women who feel stuck, just like I did, to LOOK and FEEL great.

I quit my “safe and steady” job to start on my mission.

I competed with thousands of other people to get a job at the biggest chain of gyms.

On my first day at the gym I realised I had made a big mistake.

Everything at the gym was wrong.

Exhausting workouts, restrictive starvation diets, dished out by trainers who had never ever been overweight.

I refused to be part of it.

Instead I decided this was it…

I set up my own gym where everyone could follow my system for slimming down and toning up.

For over 15 years I have helped thousands of women use the Response Mode system I discovered to get incredible results.

So if you are struggling to slim down and tone up…

If you are experiencing hunger and cravings…

and don’t want to spend hours and hours doing ridiculous, exhausting workouts…

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