Christina Aguilera – Super Successful but still struggles with her weight

Christina Aguilera

 I absolutely love Christina

 She’s super successful, has an amazing voice, is naturally beautiful and I love her style

 What’s interesting is that with everything she’s has she still struggles with her weight.

 I have had clients say

 “ If I was a Hollywood celebrity I would have the perfect body”

 “ I would have a personal chef and workout with a personal Trainer Every day”


But interestingly it doesn’t seem to work that way

 Heaps of “A” list celebrities have the exact same struggles as many women around the world

 When things get out of whack and balance it affects their weight

So the Truth is no matter who you are or your circumstances our weight treats us all the same

 If you stop working out and eat junk it will show!

 Yes she’s still very pretty even being overweight

 But I am sure when she’s over weight she hates hearing – “ you have such a pretty face”

 The thing to remember also is Christina is tiny

 So any weight gain for her is amplified.

 So if your looking more like the round Christina and would love to look more like the fit, Lean and Sexy Christina follow:


My Top 5 Essential rules To Follow To Get Christina’s HOT Body


1. Make sure your on a calorie deficit 6 days a week

This Means you are consuming 20% – 30% less calories then what your body needs per day to maintain your weight – about 1200 calories is an average number of calories for most women looking to drop body fat.


2. You need to workout 3-5 hours per week – This does not include a walk around the block

If you workout correctly you do not need to spending hours on the treadmill – Dynamic training, weights and cardio intervals are the way to go – more strength training is the way to get toned fast – NOT CARDIO


3. Hydrate with water not vodka

You should be consuming upto 4 litres (1 gallon) of water per day – you will pee a lot at first but thats just until your body gets used to it – Water flushes your system  – alcohol in your body is the fastest way to get that bloated super puffy look – not attractive…..


4. Ditch the sugar – start looking at the ingredients label and if sugar is in the top 5 list of ingredients do not eat it.

The more sugar you have the more you crave – cut sugar out for 3 days and the cravings will start to go away – you may get withdrawals but be strong its worth it – also ditch artificial sweetners as they make you crave sugar too.


5. Cut out Bread and Dairy.

I swear by this – as soon as I cut out bread and dairy my stomach shrinks and my lean muscle definition really pops


Have you had any Christina moments – share what caused you to gain weight – Vix