Celebrity Who’s HOT and Who’s NOT – Kate Bosworth

If you have ever watched the film “Blue Crush” starring Kate Bosworth I am sure you will agree with me that her body in that film was AMAZING.

Kate Bosworth

She is so toned, has strong lean legs, amazing upper body definition and super flat abs..


She also still has a few curves that give her such feminine sex appeal. Kate Bosworth HOt Body Blue Crush Kate Bosworth HOt Body Blue CrushEvery time I watch that film it inspires me to work out and really push myself.

At the start of the film she wakes up early, goes for a power run on the beach, does chinups on a tree branch and the meanest sit-ups with such intensity you can feel her abs burning.

You can just tell she ate and trained hard for that role

– that body cannot be faked with Photoshop and her skin was so clear and tight you can see she was following a super clean diet.

Kate Bostworth

Then I saw a picture of her and she looked terrible – OMG what happened ???

She seriously looked like she had an eating disorder.

She was so thin, gaunt and sickly looking and gone was her hot toned body.

From Hot to Not in my books.

It just shows you being stick thin does not mean you look better

– it just makes you look old and haggard.

When Did Being Able To Say You’re A Size 0 Become More Important Than Looking In Shape, Fit And Healthy?

Also the size 0’s never seem to be happy – Think Victoria Beckham

– she always looks miserable and bitter but hey she’s a 0.

The swimsuit models on the cover of sports illustrated are time and time again considered to have the hottest bodies and the bodies guys are most attracted to. Hot Body Sports Illustrated

Guess what none of them are a size 0.

You see they are all Fit, Healthy and have curves in all the right places

– something you cannot have when you’re a sickly skinny-fat size 0.

My Top 5 Essential Rules To Follow To Get Kate’s HOT Body In Blue Crush

1) Eat super Clean – that means nothing processed, if it comes in a packet ditch it (check out my super clean diet plan)

2) Drink 4 litres of water a day – Yes per day – it will help flush your body of toxins, help you digest your food better and make your skin glow and look amazing

3) Hit the weights – the only way you will get a toned body is to train with weights at least 3 x per week

4) Add dynamic strength to your workouts instead of long boring cardio – dynamic strength will get your heart rate up and will shred fat from your body fast – think bench hops, squat presses, walk out pushups, jump lunges, spider pushups – you can find all these exercises in my workouts

5) Fill up on high fibre vegetables –broccoli, beans, pumpkin, cucumbers – aim for 500 grams per day Follow those steps and you will have Kate Bosworth’s super hot body from Blue Crush.