Booty and AB’s workout

The combination of a tight and toned booty and flat defined ab’s has got to be on every woman’s wish list.


I have designed today’s workout to cover both of these areas in one dynamic workout.

Try adding these exercises to your routine a few times per week.

The best part is you can do them anywhere..

Don’t forget that unless your nutrition is on point the visual results will not be as fast or as obvious so please make sure you are keeping your diet clean at least 6 days per week.

To get the best results from the ab work keep your movements SLOW and Controlled


OK Lets Start

Do a good 10 minute Cardio interval warmup

Any cardio you like, treadmill, rower, xtrainer, spin bike, Skipping rope, Stairs, hill sprints – just interval the cardio to get maximum calorie burn for the same time.

 Try 50 secs at full intensity with 10 secs recovery and repeat x 10 –  for 10 minutes.


 SET 1

20 x Sumo Squat Raise (20 each side)

20 x Side Bridge Twists (20 each side)



20 x single leg squats (20 each leg)

•Stand with feet together, toes pointed forward, arms at sides with right foot on top of a small folded towel.

•Shifting weight to left leg, bend left knee 45 to 90 degrees while sliding right leg and towel slowly out to the side as far as is comfortable for a count of 4.

•Slowly draw right leg back to start for a count of 4 while straightening left leg.


20 x side bridgeLeg Lifts (20 each side)



20 x squat with a kick back (20 each side)

•Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, arms at sides.

•Sit back into a squat keeping weight on heels, then lift right leg straight behind you, keeping hips pointing forward while extending arms.


20 x crunches leg in the air (for more burn hold a hand weight and reach to your toes)



20x leg curls (20 each side) – hold a weight behind you knee and raise your knee off the floor – squeeze butt and lower

20 x swan crunches



20 x squats on toes

20 x bridge leg lifts (20 each side)


Enjoy and have a Bootyful weekend- Vix