Best Workout for Getting Toned

Want To Tone Up?missfitnesslife dont giveup1

Here is a full body workout aimed at toning up every body part

I love this workout

Just combine it with clean eating – (get some cool tips from my post “How to Eat Clean“)

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Ok so here’s the structure for the Best Workout for getting Toned

You have 4 SETS to complete

Each SET contains: 1 x 3-5min cardio interval and 2 exercises – therefore each set is just ONE cardio interval and a total of 50 REPS of each of the two exercises

The ENTIRE workout will equal 20 mins of cardo intervals and 400 reps to TONE up your whole body

How the 2 exercises work:

You alternate between the two and as one exercise decreases reps the other increases until you have completed 50 of each

Example: The first one is Bicep curls and Skull Crushers

Do 20 x Squats followed by 5 x Skull Crushers

Do 15 x Squats followed by 10 x Skull Crushers

Do 10 x Squats followed by 15 x Skull Crushers

Do 5 x Squats followed by 20 x Skull Crushers

Cardio options:

If you have access to cardio equipment choose your favourite, treadmill. Rower, X-Trainer. Spin Bike

If you do not have access to cardio equipment that’s OK as you can still get in an awesome workout

Just do an interval run for 3 mins or interval stationary cardio exercises – Mountain climbers, jump rope, jog on spot, star jumps – e.g: 50 Seconds ON and 10 Seconds REST – repeat for 3 mins

Lets Start


3 – 5 Mins Cardio interval Burst

1) Squats and 2) Skull Crushers



3 – 5 Mins Cardio Burst

1) Weighted Lunges and 2) Hammer Curl Press

lunges-300x229hammer crul press


3 – 5 Mins Cardio Burst

1) Military shoulder Press and 2) Dead lifts

military-shoulder-pressdeadlift women


3 – 5 Mins Cardio Burst

1) Chest Press and 2) Sumo Squats

benchpress women bar-300x247sumosquat

Give this a workout a go and Tone Up!