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Miss Lean and Toned Workout

An Awesome Workout to Tone up your WHOLE body FAST I designed¬† “The Miss Lean and Toned Workout” to achieve two goals at once That is to accelerate your Heart rate with higher reps to get you lean and alternating upper and lower body strength exercises to TONE you up. The Miss Lean and Toned…

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How to Make a Slimdown Smoothie

Heres a way to make a protein shake that works every time to make a smooth yummy shake without horrible lumps of powder. Protein Shake: 30g (1 scoop)¬†Slimdown Smoothie Mix 4 ice cubes, 125g of your favourite fruit, 150ml of water, 150ml of your favourite milk, To a blender and BLITZ… Click Here to order…

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