Are your bad habits making you FAT

Do you REALLY want to have a lean fit body and flat tummy?

Do you want it more then anyone you know?


Are you one of these people who have tried everything including working out and eating right but have never achieved your goal of a lean fit body and flat tummy?

If you answered YES to all of the above then I am sure you have tried numerous exercises and diets.

You may get some weightloss and results

But before you know it the fat has crept back on and brought some of its fat friends along.

The one thing that’s been holding you back all this time may be

“Your Bad Habits”


For over 10 years I have coached clients on weight loss, diet and exercise

The one thing they all struggled addressing was their bad habits and making changes to their behaviours

You see they had the diet and exercise down to a point but the bad habits kept reappearing to sabotage their hard work and discipline.


A habit is any action that we perform so regularly that it almost becomes an involuntary response.

In fact sociologists believe that 85 to 90% of daily human behaviour is ingrained habit.

It’s estimated that out of every 11,000 signals we receive from our senses, our brain only consciously processes 40.

The rest is habit.

The World Health Organisation estimates that in 2008, 63 per cent of people died due to bad habits including smoking, alcohol or poor nutrition.

Do the sums and you’ll realise that every single year more than 9 million people die before the age of 60 because of bad habits like smoking, drinking or a love of junk food.

Of course there is different types of habits

Some are just a little naughty

Whilst others are like a volcano ready to erupt

So what’s the difference?

Well the difference is how that habit is affecting your everyday life, dreams, goals and ambitions.

So how do you identify your habits from harmless to self-sabotage?

Well some seemingly harmless habits can be as simple as constantly checking Facebook, endlessly checking your mobile phone, compulsive shopping, overeating, watching too much TV and procrastinating that actually holds us back from achieving our goals and enjoying the life we want.

These harmless habits cost money, erode time, deplete energy levels and can even numb our feelings and relationships.

And guess what?

We all have them.

However at the end of the day

If your behaviour no longer soothes or relaxes you and starts to consume you, it has moved from a seemingly harmless habit to a bad self-sabotaging habit.

So if you  think you have some BAD HABITS stopping you from having a super lean and toned flat tummy what do you do?


1.    Be True to yourself and acknowledge that your habit is a self destructive behaviour

The first step to modify any behaviour or habit is to identify the biggest bad habit in your life right now.

What is likely to happen if you keep this habit going?

Will it affect your job, finances, health, relationships or your longevity?

Put in down on paper – this can be emotional but may be a breakthrough for you – acknowledgment is the first step to solution.

2.    What is going to motivate you to change

– is it really worth your while worrying about it ?

If it is you will make a change guaranteed.

Why do you stick to this habit?

Does it make you feel better?

Is it social influence from friends or your partner?

Is it due to boredom or loneliness?

AGAIN put in down on paper – this can be emotional but may be a breakthrough for you – acknowledgment is the first step to solution.

Understanding why you repeat a bad behaviour is a key step in the change process.

Make sure that you want to change habits for the right reasons.

Write a full page of reasons as to why you want to change your habits.

The More you can write on the topic the more you truly want to change

You’re much more likely to succeed if you’re changing the habit for yourself and not for someone else.

So next time your training HARD and Eating RIGHT

Then Fall off the wagon

Maybe its not the workout or diet that’s at fault but something closer to home

Something only you can control

Get in touch with your BAD HABITS

Understand them

Change them for the right reasons

Get on with life and enjoy the Fit, Healthy and Active body you deserve – Vix