Alyces Awesome Transformation – Interview

I am really excited to share Alyce’s Awesome Transformation as her story is so similar to my own..

Alyce is a Miss Fitness Life VIP member and the perfect representation of a Fit, Lean and Strong Women living the Miss Fitness Life.

I am sure many of you will identify with the challenges Alyce faced and be inspired at how her perseverance and consistence allowed her to achieve breakthrough and her goal body.

-But whats most impressive is how she has adapted this new lifestyle and I know she will never struggle with her body again.

Alyce really is a beautiful person inside and outside and such a constant ray of positivity and support to everyone in the VIP member site.

Please enjoy this interview ~Vix.

Tell me a little about yourself

Hi, my name is Alyce and I am 26 years old. I work full time and live in Perth.

Cooking, baking, healthy eating and working out has become my new passion!

I have a wonderful supportive partner and Sister! It has taken me many years of struggling with my weight to discover that life is not just about how much we weigh, but rather how we feel. I have to date lost 26kg/57lbs.

I am the healthiest I have ever been because I take care of myself. I love to exercise and it is truly something I now enjoy.

For the first time in a very long time I am not obsessed with my weight because I know that as long as I live a healthy life my body will also naturally be healthy.

alyce beforeand-after3

So how long have you been following the Response Mode Program?

I started Miss Fitness Life on 4th Oct 2012.

It is a breath of fresh air to say that this was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my happiness, health and wellbeing.

I decided to do it one day and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s been almost a year now since I have been eating clean and working out consistently!

Tell me about some of the physical changes that you have noticed on the program?

Lifestyle… diet… mind & body…

If you give 110% to this program and commit, EVERYTHING changes!

My eyes are brighter, my skin is clearer, my body has changed shape, I feel stronger, I don’t bloat and blow up like I used to.

My clothes fit comfortably! I can now wake up in the morning, easily pick an outfit and be out of the door.

Before this program, I used to struggle to find something to wear.

I would always pick something that sat loosely to hide the ‘muffin’ top.

I would be upset before I’d even left the house.

I wanted to hide my body and I lacked confidence because of my negative opinion about my image.

alyce beforeand-after2

What are the biggest positive changes you have noticed as a result of the being part of the program?

I now am very passionate about staying healthy and I am always wanting to learn more.

I notice a lot of positive changes! Not only just physical changes..

It has taught me how to look after my body, what to eat and when to eat.

I now feel strong, fit, happy, healthy, energetic and alive!

This program has given me the confidence I so desperately needed.

I believe in myself.

Anything is possible!!

Before you started what was the turning point that made you decide to make a change?

I wanted to feel confident in myself, I wanted be fit, not skinny!

I was going to the gym Mon-Fri doing 30mins of interval cardio, this was all I knew!

I desperately wanted to shed some weight, everything was tight! I was eating healthy during the week.

Come Fridays, it would be ‘the weekend’ so I would over indulge in pizza, chocolate, guzzle 1L of diet coke and eat ice-cream throughout the weekend.

Monday morning I was so bloated and feeling miserable.

I was eating ‘shop’ bought protein bars as snacks.

I decided to go online one day and look for a protein bar recipe.

This is when I came across Miss Fitness Life. There was a peanut butter chocolate protein bar. YUM!

The website stood out, bright pink!!

I then went on to read Vix’s story and her approach to life.

I must admit I was hesitant at first thinking there is always a ‘catch’ but EVERYTHING Vix said was spot on about how she felt. I decided to bite the bullet;

I purchased the Response Mode program and gave it a go.

I downloaded ALL the books straight away (no procrastinating) and went to Coles to buy the food to get me through the next few days while I read ‘how’ and ‘what’ I needed to do.

There was a lot of information; I found it simple and easy to read.

I did feel restricted at first because I felt that the food was flavourless. I was used to using sauces (high in salt and sugar) and packaged rubbish all the time.

I started thinking outside the box and coming up with ‘tasty’ food with fresh ingredients.

My poor sister wasn’t left with much fridge space!! It was full of vegetables.

All the ladies on the program were friendly and encouraging.

We were all your every day ladies, all ages, mums, full time workers etc.

Vix would answer ALL my questions.

This made me feel welcome and I felt comfortable!

When I found this program I was frustrated and I wanted to have energy, feel healthy and to have ‘that’ body.

I was fed up with feeling tired, unmotivated, lazy and catching every flu! I constantly craved sugar!!

The problem was that I didn’t know what to do?!?!

There are so many mixed messages out there.

I knew what I was doing was not working for me.

I wanted to give it my all, I just needed a plan.

It was like a switch was flipped the day I decided to start eating clean and making ‘me’ time (working out) so I took Vix’s advice, binned anything that wasn’t clean from my kitchen and here I am now.

Proof that it works and that you too can achieve this!

What part of your body did you want to change the most?

The area we all complain about and the hardest to shake.. My middle!


Where do you do your workouts?

I do all my workouts in the backyard!

It is achievable and I improvise!

Gyms make me feel tense and nervous.

I don’t like to procrastinate either.

I’m a go get it done type of girl.

I enjoy the workout, they fly by so quickly, but I also crave the end!!

The feeling of satisfaction and knowledge that I finished it makes me feel really good!

I love the convenience of my equipment being ready to use as I need it.

I would say I am a patient person lol.

How did you find the weekly workout structure and new workouts you get each week as a VIP member?

I love the way that Vix has set this program out.

It’s so easy.

I don’t have to plan, just get it done!

Every week I put my workouts on my iPad and they are there ready for each night.

Every week it is a different challenge and a new workout. It keeps me guessing.

I defiantly NEVER get bored. Just sore!

How did you stay focused and motivated?

I am a very self-motivated person.

It helps that my partner is also very supportive and encouraging.

Once I started feeling different (stronger/more energy), noticing changes in the mirror, in my clothes and my progress photos, it kept me focused and determined to keep moving forward.

Photos are the best guide, scales ARE NOT!!

Scales sabotage your mind.

To stay focused, motivated and to give myself variety, I am constantly reading blogs and looking at websites that talk about clean eating and living a healthy positive life.

I find this very inspirational.

It defiantly makes me think outside the box.

There are SO many ideas out there.

How did you handle social situations – wining and dining?

This was tricky at first.

I remember when I first started I had a dinner to go to.

I wanted to commit to this program and really give it a shot without taking short cuts.

I was encouraged numerous times to eat entrees, drink cocktails and dessert.

I refused and stuck to my main.

It was difficult and I could have eaten it all, but I knew if I did I would feel upset and disappointed in myself and my stomach would hurt from being so full!!!

That was my first challenge and from then on each time I had a social situation it got easier.

I am lucky. Everyone’s supportive for my new approach to life and they let me be.

They can see all the positive changes, how happy I am and how I know what food works and what doesn’t.

I react to a lot of foods. My stomach blows up and it is really uncomfortable!!

I plan my weeks out. If there was an occasion on, then that would become my refuel day so I can enjoy and relax.

It becomes part of your life and you make a decision like you would with any other scenario in your life.

I’ve had a few holidays since I’ve been on the program, Bali twice and the Hunter Valley.

I took a laid back approach and enjoyed my holiday.

If I felt like being active I would do a quick circuit or go for a long walk.

I get quite fidgety and by doing something active it settles me down and I can then relax.

As soon as I returned back home, it was back on the band wagon and in control of my food and exercise.

Did you ever have any blowouts with food and if so how did you move forward?

Did I ever.. YES!!!! I didn’t learn the first time either.

There was a reason for my blowouts. I needed to pin point WHY I was doing it.

I realised 100% of the time it was emotional.

It simply came down to boredom or being upset.

I had to train myself to resort to other things.

I read this comment one day, I still use it now..
If I am feeling unmotivated or I am upset or making an excuse not to train I tell myself

‘you are only one workout away from a good mood’

and it is so true.

Have you ever regretted working out?? I haven’t!

alyce perth1

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about starting the Response Mode Program but isn’t sure?

If you really want something, you need to at least try!

Set yourself small weekly goals that will get you to your BIG goal.

If you only have your big goal in mind, you will get frustrated because it is a slow process.

Ultimately it is rewarding!!

The time flies by and before you know it, its happening!

Take it one week, one day, one meal at a time – whatever it takes – MAKE IT HAPPEN!

You will be so proud of yourself; you will want to do it again next week!

You get out what you put in!

I want you all to remember..

We will never look like the girl in the magazine.
The girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine! (She’s photo shopped)

Alyce started her transformation with my Response Mode Program…