A Packet of chips Versus a Lean, Toned Body and a Flat Tummy – My Top 10

Having been in the fitness industry and training clients for over 10 years I have never heard anyone say I do not want to be fit and toned

The mass majority of women would not mind at all if they looked lean, fit, toned and had a flat tummy


We all know the advantages of being lean, fit and toned but sometimes we forget.

And its crazy but sometimes we just say oh I don’t care I would rather sit on the couch, stay in bed or eat that packet of chips.

And for what

5 mins of Pleasure?

To be honest that’s the only benefit of those self-sabotaging actions.

Somehow we forget about all the positive awesome reasons why we should not give in to such silly behaviours.

So if you have had a bit of a setback


Wanting to give eating clean and training right your concentrated efforts but are still being tormented by Fat habits

Then you may need to really think about why you want to have a lean and toned body and what it can do for your life now and in the future.


So incase you have forgotten

Here are the top 10 reasons why my clients put the effort in to achieve such a satisfying look and feeling.

1)    Increased unstoppable confidence allowing yourself to be the true you without fear of rejection.

2)     Incredible energy allowing you to seek positive opportunities in every aspect of your life

3)    Allowing your mind to concentrate on other areas of your life such as relationships, career and family and not be stuck thinking negative thoughts about your body every day.

4)    You will love what you see in the mirror and enjoy shopping for clothes (especially when shopping for special occasions.)

5)    You will be a lot less self conscious in social situations and will interact more openly to others.

6)    Your relaxed welcoming energy will be like a networking and friend magnate and attract people to interact with you like bees to honey no matter where you go.

7)    You will never worry about participating in new activities, outdoor adventures, dancing with the girls at a club or just hanging out with friends down the park for a social game of sport.

8)    Never cringe at your photo again and be part of the memory, not the one always taking the photos to avoid being in them.

9)    Inspire and motivate your friends and family. Be known as the fit and healthy positive one, it s a wonderful priceless feeling helping and encouraging others.

10)     True inner self happiness – If your weight and the way you feel about yourself if holding you back in any way, then its time to make some changes and be truly happy – you deserve it and only you can take the actions to make the change.


Well the above are just a few pretty good reasons why you should ditch the chips for clean eating, training right and living in the body you desire and deserve…


I know there are many many more – so be true to yourself and ask yourself what it is you really want and is it worth more then sitting on the couch skipping a workout and eating chips??