7 Secrets For a Toned Bikini Body in 7 Weeks [Case Study]


Todays post is a case study on my client Jessika who wanted to lose 7kg in 7 weeks for her Las Vegas Vacation – below I will outline the 7 exact secrets she used to achieve such an amazing tight and toned body in 7 weeks.

Secret Number 1: 1 Minute 3 Times A Day Is All It Takes To Get Results

Looking back over the last ten years at my clients who have had the most Jaw Dropping, Eye Popping Extreme results,  they all had a certain mind set.

My clients who really focus on their goals never struggle with their food and they never miss a session.

Here’s how to get started:
Visualise your goals as if you have already achieved them.
Feel the energy that gives you.
Visualise and feel how it would be to be that person.

Start your day on a mission
: you are no longer getting up to go to work, to make breakfast for the family or even to go to training- you are on a mission to be the person in your goals.

Repeat about 2:00pm in the afternoon and just before you go to sleep.


Secret Number 2: The Ultimate Body Transformation Secret

The next magic bullet for your transformation is nutrition.

77% of your result is going to come from nutrition.

Without the correct nutrition it is going to be near impossible to achieve body transformation.

A common mistake is to think “I am working so hard at training, so much harder than I have ever trained a little bit of this and a little bit of that will be ok”.

Sadly this isn’t the case.

More than once I have had a client who completed a lot of extra training but had not addressed their food. They were disappointed in their results until they changed their food.

Jessika’s food underwent a complete overhaul, junk food was out and whole foods were in.  Like all my clients Jessika didn’t have to be perfect with her food, and we even built in free food days.  But Jessika didn’t kid herself by saying “my food is pretty good”, she did what it takes.


Secret Number 3: It’s Strength that Makes You Look Smokin HOT

Strength training ensures that you are getting toned and are burning calories 24 hours a day, not just during your workout.

An all cardio program will help shrink your body but never reshape your body.

To get a lean strong,toned sexy body you need to do weights.

Girls don’t worry- you wont bulk up dong weights a few times per week- its just not that easy.

Look at Jessika’s photo- she is tiny and she actually got this small and toned by doing weights.

If your weight is not going down on the scales the first thing to look at is your nutrition, then the amount of training you are doing, its not the weights.


Secret Number 4: Is Cardio Making You Fat?

In the 80s they used to think that long sessions of low intensity cardio was the best way to burn fat.

The Skinny FAT body is horrible – no muscle tone – just a skinny fat saggy body…

Thankfully things have moved along since then.

The same goes for long bouts of low intensity cardio- like endless running on a treadmill

The most effective way to burn fat is interval training- that is short intense bursts of cardio followed by recovery.

This style of training has been proven time after time to burn more fat, makes you fit very quickly and is a much more time efficient way to workout.

Lets End Long Boring Cardio For Ever!

All of Jessika’s cardio training was interval cardio.  Jessika is way to busy to go for a slow run.


Secret Number 5:  Intensity Counts

You don’t need to work out for hours and hours to get a result- Jessika worked out with me 3-4  times per week for just one hour.

But how hard you work when you are at the studio does count.

Looking back over the last ten years at my clients who have had the most Jaw Dropping, Eye Popping Extreme results,  they all had a certain mind set before every workout.

No, they didn’t put on war paint and go commando (well some of them did).

Simply put, before every workout, they committed to giving 100%. No excuses, No complaining.

Believe it or not, once you practice this mindset a few times, it becomes an easy habit.

Mindset tip before each workout: visualise what is most important to you. Being healthy for your kids, looking great at the beach, being proud of how you look in photos, looking great in everything in your wardrobe, etc. Picture what inspires you and say to yourself that’s me, that’s me, that’s me…

The difference between working hard and not working hard can add up to hundreds of calories per session and will change your result at the end of the week!

So go for it!


Secret Number 6:  Are you getting enough water?

Most people simply are not in the habit of drinking enough water.


Drinking water is one of the things I start training all our new clients in.

Although drinking water is as essential as breathing air many clients still struggle.

All these will drain your body of essential water at a rapid rate:
Air conditioning
Energy Drinks
Soft drinks (all varieties including diet)

My Top Tips for Staying Hydrated

1. Aim for 4 litres per day, especially when you are putting in hard training sessions.

If your body is accustomed to being dehydrated this may mean a few extra trips to the bathroom while your body adjusts.

2.Take the Pee Test: If you pee is dark yellow you need to drink more water, if you pee is light in colour you are doing well.

3.Drink from the same bottle all day and count your refills, the bigger the better.

4.Supersize: its not often you will hear me recommend supersizing!
Water is the exception for the same reasons we shouldn’t be supersizing food we should be supersizing our water bottle.
The larger the serving the more you will consume.

Always have a big water bottle at hand.

Secret Number 7:  Rest and Recover

You need to allow time to rest and recover to get amazing results.


Think of your body like an elastic band, you have to give it some time to relax or it will snap.

Jessika works longer hours than most of my clients, and all my clients are exceptionally busy outside of the studio.

Jessika still finds enough time to both train and look after herself.