5 Things Limiting You From Getting a Flat Tummy FAST

Have you ever wondered what may be holding you back from getting a Flat Tummy FAST?

Why you’ve only been able to lose a little bit of fat from your tummy, if any?

Well, the fact of the matter is this: there’s probably certain things built in to the very diet and exercise program that YOU are doing, things that you don’t even realise are stoping you from achieving the most rapid results.

Lucky for you today we uncover what I consider to be the top 5 flat tummy “killers” that lurk behind every diet and training program, slowing or stopping your results no matter how hard y0u work.

Limiting Factor #1: Dieting.


Dieting is actually the absolute WRONG way to get a flat
tummy fast.

Most people who want a flat tummy fast try to eat almost nothing.

They might last a few days (our maybe just few hours) and then blow out and eat too much of the wrong foods.

After dong this for a few days by the weekend they are so frustrated that it all goes out the window.

Monday comes around again and they are back to square one, or worse…

While people beat themselves up for being “diet failures” its actually not their fault.

The diet approach to getting a flat tummy always fails for two powerful scientific reasons.

1. When you drastically reduce your calorie intake your body goes into shock and does everything it can to hold on to fat.

When you deprive yourself of food your body can’t function efficiently.

Your metabolism slows down so much that your body stops burning fat and starts hoarding fat.

So even though your goal is to lose fat on your tummy by drastically restricting your food intake you are setting your body up to do the exact opposite.

2. When you are on a diet your body releases powerful chemicals to let you know its time to eat.

These powerful chemicals are what cause those unbearable cravings that start every time you go on a diet.

These chemicals are released by your body because it is CRAVING NUTRITION…

But somehow muffins, pastries, chips and chocolates are what people reach for when the cravings become unbearable…

and its no surprise that these are the exact worst foods for a flat tummy.

Limiting Factor #2: Your Workouts Suck

The majority of workouts destroy toning and encourage your body to store fat.

Spending hours on the treadmill, stepper, cross trainer or bike, exercise classes at the gym and cardio intensive bootcamps actually make your body softer.

Doing hours of a cardio puts your body in a state that burns muscle and hoards fat.

It’s also really time intensive.

Who do you think has the best looking body- a sprinter or a marathon runner?

Body Type Cardio Versus Strength

If you picked the sprinter you are right!

Sprint athletes have the lowest % body fat of all athletes, and endurance athletes have amongst the highest.

You won’t see sprinters running for hours and hours on a treadmill- their workouts are all about getting faster in short bursts.

Limiting Factor #3. You Suffer from Swollen Belly Syndrome

There are 2 Main Causes of swollen belly syndrome

1. Poor Digestion

2. Water Retention

Salt, Diet Foods, Soft drinks (especially diet ones), Bread, Dairy and irregular meal times can all contribute to your feeling bloated.

No matter what your body shape, swollen belly syndrome can have you feeling bloated puffy, fat, lethargic and miserable.

Limiting Factor #4: You Are In A Fuzzy Focus Funk

While everyone sets out to get into shape with the best intentions very few people ever get specific about what they want to achieve.

Vague goals like

I want to lose weight”

Just don’t give you the laser focus you require when inevitable distractions come your way.

Limiting Factor #5: You Lack Structure And Support


Once you have your specific goal you need to create a step by step plan.to get yourself there, and you need support to keep you on track

Heres where most people fall short…

1. Not having the knowledge of how to put a complete program together
that integrates all the components required for their success

2. Not having a workable plan of action

3. And not having the support system required to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve their goals

Do you want to overcome these 5 limiting factors

and begin achieving A FLAT TUMMY FAST?

If so, make sure you tune in for tomorrow’s update because I’m going to be sharing my 5 Principles for a flat tummy fast.

We’ve covered the problems, now it’s time to get to the solutions.

In the meantime, if you did not check out yesterday’s update, get the full “story”

Talk soon. To your Flat Tummy success,


Talk soon.
To your flat tummy success,