5 Round Challenge

Love a timed workout challenge


OK here it is

You have 5 Exercises

Complete 20 reps of EACH exercise – each round is 100 reps

you time each 100 rep round and record your final time

Recover (As long as you need)

Now try to beat your time each GO

Warm up doing any cardio for 5 mins, then Complete 5 rounds

your 5 Exercises are

20 Knee highs – jog up and down on the spot with your knees high to your waist for 20 jogs in TOTAL

20 Pushups – knees or TOES

20 HALF burpees – jump back and forth keeping your hands on the floor

20 Jump Lunges

20 Shoulder Press


Ok thats 1 round – Record your time and Complete 5 rounds for your BEST time – Vix