5 Round Challenge

Love a timed workout challenge


I designed this workout so you can really push yourself each round and see what you really can achieve

Enjoy Vix

How the “5 Round Challenge workout” works

  •  There are 5 Rounds for you to complete the whole workout
  • Each rounds has 5 exercises
  • at the start of your round start your timer
  • you do 20 reps of each exercise in order for TIME
  • Record your time once you have complete the 5 exercises 20 x each

Write done your time and have a short rest – Recover (As long as you need)

When you are ready do another round and record your time and try to beat your time

 * Complete 5 rounds in TOTAL  – and record your best time overall

BREATHING TIP: always breathe IN on the easy part of the exercise and EXHALE on the hard part of the exercise

Warm up doing any cardio for 5 mins

 then Complete 5 rounds

your 5 Exercises are


20 Knee highs – jog up and down on the spot with your knees high to your waist for 20 jogs in TOTAL


20 Pushups – knees or TOES

20 Alternating lunge bicep curls – 20 lunges in total


20 Sideways plank Jumps – alternating left to right for 20 jumps in total
keeping your hands on the floor

(Beginners TIP:  place your hands on a low step or bench to make it easier)


 20 Sumo Squat Uprow



Ok thats 1 round – Record your time and Complete 5 rounds for your BEST time – Vix