5 Principles For Getting A Flat Tummy Fast

In yesterday’s article, , we talked about just that—the 5 biggest Flat Tummy Fat Loss blockages present in most diet and exercise programs that are holding you back from achieving the most rapid results.

If you have yet to read that article, click to check it out as today’s article won’t make much sense without first having absorbed that content.

For those of you who have already read yesterday’s article, today, I’m here to talk to you about the “fixes”.

Let’s get right in to it:


Principle #1: Never Starve Yourself

As mentioned in yesterdays article dieting is a double
failure when it comes to getting a flat tummy fast. Dieting
not only puts your metabolism into a state of shock so
it hoards fat, your body also starts secretes powerful
chemicals that cause overpowering diet busting cravings.

While you do
need to be in a calorie deficit to get a flat tummy these
principles will ensure you are burning fat off your tummy
and never going hungry:

  • Switch to clean, unprocessed foods- they are full of nutrients,
    calorie dense (so you can eat a lot of them for few
    calories), they satisfy your body and you never feel
  • Eat frequently through the day- constantly feeding your
    metabolism ensures that you are burning the maximum
    amount of fat and are never “starving”.
  • Once a week have a guilt free day where you can eat
    all of you favourite foods– not only is this a
    psychological release, it also resets your metabolism
    so it never releases those craving causing hunger chemicals.
Principle #2: Workout to Target Belly Fat Loss

When it comes to working out to get a flat tummy you need a particular kind of workout.

The approach of just doing hours of exercise in many cases can make your body softer than before you started working out.

Working out your abs alone will never peel back enough fat to reveal your abs no matter how toned they are.

In my Response Mode Program the type of exercise you do is actually more important than doing “a lot of exercise”.

I virtually had to invent a way of working out that didn’t take hours, wasn’t boring and was targeted at getting your body to burn fat fast

Here is just one example:

All of the workouts I have designed are part of my 3 step Dynamic Training concepts.

1. Short Interval based cardio to boost your fitness levels fast.

2. Dynamic strength training for a tighter and more toned lean physique.

3. Exercises that are simple to do but also engage every muscle in your body including your core for a Total Body Fat Burn.

Principle #3: Beat Belly Bloat Fast

One of the coolest things is that you can beat that bloated belly feeling in just 24 hours by making some simple swaps to what you are eating.

Poor Digestion and water retention can be targeted quickly and easy by reducing or eliminating certain belly bloating foods including Salt, Diet Foods, Soft drinks (especially diet ones), Bread, Dairy and irregular meal times.

At the same time increase your intake of water and fresh fruit and vegetables and you will be feeling better and less bloated in just days.

Principle #4: Get Specific About What You Want and When You Want It By:

Jennifers before and after
a mum who decided it was time to lose 35kg (70pounds) and reinvent her life to become a successful fitness model and entrepreneur to support her family. She said: ‘I banished all the myths and got real with myself… all the excuses such as “I don’t have enough time” or “it’s expensive to live healthy.”

Every day there are hundreds of distractions that divert us from our good intentions of getting into better shape

There are some simple techniques that you can use to keep you laser focussed about getting to your goals.

The first is to set a specific goal with a specific time frame.

Change “I want to lose some weight” to Something exciting, personal and specific

I am so happy that by Monday August 27th, I have a flat stomach and my Sass & Bide size 10 jeans fit comfortably on my hips.

A great tip is to set your timeframe around an event like a beach holiday, re-union, family event or anniversary- anything that really excites you.

Principle #5: Get Structure And Support

The greatest success in getting a flat tummy always happens when you have structure and support.

Make sure you follow a proven system that covers your eating, your workouts and feeds your motivation.

Make sure people who are supporting your goals surround you.

Enlist workout buddies and accountability partners

Have a coach to guide you.

Wrap Up

You now KNOW what’s limiting you from getting a flat tummy along with my 5 top principles to overcome those limitations.

As you can see, it’s ALL strategy and every single piece of the puzzle makes a huge difference.

Are you ready to experience just how FAST you can get a flat tummy?

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Talk soon.