300 “Glamazons” Workout

Here it is –  Your 300 Glamazons workout.


I designed this workout to improve your strength, endurance and Intensity

This workout will help reshape your body and burn a lot of excess bodyfat

Why have I called it 300 Glamazons??

Well there are 300 reps to complete and by the end of it you will be so proud of yourself and feel like a super sexy strong Glamazon that can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Keep following my programs and you will look like a super sexy fit glamazon before you know it.

How “The 300 Glamazons Workout” works

  • The aim of this workout is to time yourself
  • You have 5 Exercises and you do 10 reps of each – This is 1 round
  • You have 6 rounds to complete the 300 Glamazons workout
  • Thats 6 rounds in a row back to back
  • Record your time and that becomes your P.B – Personal Best

I have done this workout with absolute beginners as well as clients who have trained with me years.

Do not worry about how long it takes – just get it done

For those of you who are fitter give it 100% and see how fast you can complete it with good form.

BREATHING TIP: always breathe IN on the easy part of the exercise and EXHALE on the hard part of the exercise

Before you start do an easy warmup for about 10mins

So easy cardio on machines or go for a light jog or do some skipping.

TIP: get 6 items you can use as counters – otherwise you may lose count of how many rounds you have done – use anything pencils, spoons, coins etc – every time you complete a round put it to the side and then you will not have to worry about counting your rounds


TIP: If You Are New to Working Out or Just Getting Back Into It

Start this week gradually: 20 mins on Mon Wed Fri is a great start (more if you are feeling great) and build up your workouts over time.

77% of Your result comes from your Nutrition so focus on nutrition while you get stronger and stronger in your workouts.

If you are new to working out with weights you are really going to feel the first and second sessions, after that it won’t be as intense (but you will always feel like you did a great workout)

REMEMBER: Complete 10 reps of each of these exercises in this order – that’s 1 round

 You need to complete 6 Rounds in total
6 rounds in a row (back to back to complete the entire workout for time)


 Press START on your Timer NOW


 10 Squat press – use hand weights – ideally 3kg-5-6 pound per hand or more

10 pushups – knees or toes

10 full situps

10 Alternating lunges holding your weights – just 10 in total not each leg


10 burpees

From standing  – place hands on the floor
– step or jump your jump legs backwards to plank
– then jump feet back to your hands
– stand and jump in the air

BEGINNERS TIP: If you are a beginner and find burpees tough – heres a couple of TIPs:
Do not go all the way to the floor
– have a bench or chair or low step in front of yo
–  from standing place your hands on the chair
– jump or STEP your feet back to plank with your hands still on the chair/bench/step
– then jump or STEP forward to back to standing
– optional jump at the end

burpee_hands onchairburpee_bosu1


Once you have done 6 Rounds in a row (back to back) Record your Time

– enjoy Vix