The 1 Thing Your Workout Needs to Burn More Fat

A lot of workouts just don’t help at all when it comes to dropping fat and toning up.

Some workouts might make you sweat, they might make you fitter and some will even bulk you up…but they wont help you at all if your goal is to drop fat or tone up.

Today I am Sharing my Number 1 Workout Tip for Dropping Fat and Toning Up.

If you want to:

Lose weight fast
Dramatically Tone and Tighten your body
Get a nice set of Toned Abs…

You need to add this to your workouts right away…

and this trick is..

Working Out With Weights.

Working out with weights is the Fastest way to Drop Fat and Tone up…

Here are my top tips for using weights in your workouts to burn fat and tone up.

1. Start with 3-5kg weights.

For anyone starting out, 3kg per hand (5 pound) and 5kg per hand (10 pound) hand weights are ideal.

You can grab these super cheap from Kmart, Facebook buy and sell groups or Gumtree.

You might even know someone who is not using theirs.

2. When Should You Increase Your Weights?

  • If you are doing 10 reps, the last 2 reps should be tough.
  • If you can get to the end of your 10 reps and easily do another 3 reps, then it is time to use a heaver weight.

Do not be scared to increase your weights.

If you are unsure, start heavy and drop the weight as you need.

TIP: Never go super light with weights as you just won’t get the same benefit.

3. Keep your movements slow and controlled.

Do not rush and keep your abs lifted and pulled in tight.

4. Focus on Your TECHNIQUE:

Technique is really about your posture.

  • Always stand or sit tall and square.
  • Always ensure your shoulders are back.
  • Look straight ahead and keep your face relaxed.
  • Never rush – make each rep count.
  • PAUSE in the lift position for 2 counts and always lower slow.

By going SLOWER, you will work deeper into your muscle with less impact on the joints.

  • Breathe in on the easy part of the exercise and breathe out on the hard part of the exercise.

The more you practice, the better you get.

The more you lift weights, the more toned you become 🙂

My specialty in workout design is to create workouts that lengthen and tone muscles without creating bulk. 

You will not develop bulky thighs or bulging biceps doing Response Mode workouts!

I want my members to look Fit, Lean and Toned in a feminine, attractive way.

Here is what you can expect from my Response Mode Workouts

  • Your thighs will smooth and tone
  • Your hips will slim down
  • Your arms will look long and lean
  • Your booty will lift and look perky
  • Your posture will improve, making you look fresh and graceful
  • You build a really important habit for your success: working out.

The stronger this habit becomes, the fitter, healthier, more energised and happier you will become, and of course your results will be amazing.

For your workout program for the next 28 Days, and my very best nutrition support check my Response Mode program.